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Poster: guyzilla Date: Nov 21, 2010 3:06am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Not that anyone cares.....

I may sound like a dinosaur on this subject ( hence the name guyzilla) but I've never liked the idea of cellphones, or a lot of other newfangled features. I do have one but the only reason I do is because mother in law got one for me and one for my wife. Never would have one otherwise. My philosophy is simple. If you call me and get my voicemail, leave a message and I might get back to you. You don't need to get a hold of me when I'm working, driving, at a movie or a restaraunt, or visiting my friends (both of them). And texting, what's up with that? Why would someone use a phone to leave a written message? You have a phone, use your voice! Call waiting is another burr in my side. There is nothing more annoying to me as when I'm having a conversation with someone and I hear a persistant beep while we're talking. A good old fashioned busy signal is more than sufficient. It tells the guy calling you that you're talking to someone else at the moment and that they're just gonna have to wait their damn turn. And those damned menus! If I ever meet up with the guy who invented those, there's gonna be a fight! God, how I miss the good old days.

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Poster: The_Monkey_Master Date: Nov 22, 2010 2:08pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Not that anyone cares.....

by "the good old days" you mean:
(1) Pick up phone
(2) Tell operater "Hello Sarah, get me BR-549"
(3) Wait for operater to connet you

I'm younge and have only seen the new phones working, but seeing some of these old tv show and movie and how the phone works has made me wonder:
1. If I get cut-off, how do I get reconnced? In the old movies you hit the side arm till the person on the other end starts to talk. But on cell phones, what do you hit?
2. In the old days you never had to reminder a phone number becouse the operater could find all the numbers. Today you don't have to remimber a number becouse there's speed dial. So if somthing happens to my numbers, how do I get them back?
3. Why is it still called "Speed dial" if phones don't use dials anymore?
4. In the old days, you could tell the operater who you wanted to talk to and they would find them, where ever they might be. Whould the operater still do that today.

PS I have asked people "Why texting is better than talking" and the answer is always:
Becouse when you don't want to talk to them anymore you just stop texting and you don't have to say good-bye.
That's kind of mean if you ask me (but no one did so...)

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Poster: cosmico Date: Nov 22, 2010 2:57pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Not that anyone cares.....

I never experienced having to call an operator and ask for a number (let alone ringing up Junior Samples at BR-549), but as late as the 1970s my grandmother living in a small country village had to do that sometimes, if she couldn't get the number by dialing. She also was on a party line, and had to tap the dial phone cradle a few times to get the operator.

Or I'd go to the general store and put in a dime to use the pay phone. And pick up a comic book for 12 cents, a bottle of soda for a nickel and a Milkshake candy bar for another nickel. Ah...I'm getting nostalgic for the early '60s! :)

We just accepted it as the way things were done, like having to move the rabbit ears to get a better TV picture, walk to the store to get the newspaper every day, cook dinner on a stove top or in a real oven instead of a microwave, and wind up our watches. Or movie cameras. :)

My friend Quigs knows what I'm talking about. :)

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Poster: cosmico Date: Nov 21, 2010 10:34am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Not that anyone cares.....

I agree with everything you said 100%! Cell phones are an annoyance but a necessity for me, due to all the health issues in our family and my having old wheels. And where I live it's a 5-minute drive to desert nothingness, so God forbid my car conks out when I'm in the middle of nowhere!